Loveawake And Other Strange Phenomenon

Geplaatst op 07-03-2023

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Free online dating sites are growing in popularity every day – sites like Loveawake and plenty of fish continue to introduce new features and iron out login problems and connection issues.

Paid dating sites such as and eHarmony are unquestionable better as far as professionalism and user quality but you get what you pay for. when you are locked into a monthly online dating plan you Expect that the site should get you dates.

Many sites guarantee that you will find someone special within 3 months or you either get your money back or they let you use the site free until you find someone.

If your budget is tight (true for most people these days) then free online dating sites like are your best option… Reaching out to friends of friends via Facebook is also a great idea if your looking to expand your social circle.

The trouble many people have with free sites is not actually getting any replies from the users. Perhaps there is only 30-40 singles in your area and a handful are dating material… what then? Many profiles within free dating sites are inactive or they have not logged on in months.

If you are not having much luck with a site like Loveawake , okcupid, plenty of fish when searching in your area try your next biggest town… There are always at least hundreds of active profiles in the next biggest city. Obviously you are going to need to travel to see them – always a good excuse for a holiday.

Your next option is going to be paid dating sites. The users on theses sites are MUCH more responsive and active than most of the free dating sites – if you are serious about finding someone special then coughing up 20-30 dollars is nothing. It will likely only take you a month or two to get in touch with the eligible singes on the site.

BY then you should have their contact info and gone on a least a couple of great dates.

The reason why dating sites and even facebook has become so popular is because of the huge emotional need we all have… Connection and Love

It doesn’t take long to feel alone when you become isolated from your peer group. Maybe you left town for work and dont know anyone in the city, those of use who find making new “real” friends tough now have an amazing easy to use tool to help.

Rather than thinking of online dating sites as weird seedy places of the net, think of them as great meeting places and social gatherings. They are just a place to meet new people.

The trick is being able to come across as honest and open as possible… There are several stigmas and stereotypes of male daters online and you have to work against that.

Using free sites and working off the back off a solid approachable profile is a great start… From there it’s all up to you. Just be yourself and play a numbers game.

Many female members wont be interested in replying and treating this as part of the deal is recommended.

Start off your Loveawake online dating adventures on the right foot: with a real profile picture and real honest descriptions of yourself…

This way members wont feel threatened by your anonymous nature… if you have nothing to hide you become 100% approachable and that much more attractive as a result. Even if you don’t think your “hot” or “bf material” it pays to be honest from the beginning.

Finally: Dont expect that online dating is going to be your saving grace… It’s not supposed to be a substitute for social interaction… working on your communication skills and emotional connectedness is crucial if you want to maintain a healthy relationship…

Understanding emotions is a underrated skill… those with empathy for others have the ability to be confident while still remaining respectful.

Work on being more self aware – meaning be aware of how your actions and words are influencing the people you connect with in your life.

This allows you to pick up on negative and positive responses you receive and adapt your “game” to what works. It’s crucial that you understand little character flaws you might have – it’s ok (actually a strength) to accept these and be honest and open about them with your date.

They will thank you for letting them know this could be a future problem and will likely open up about there own “ism’s” e.g.(workaholics, alcoholism and various small addictions that everyone in life picks up to some degree.

So go ahead and hit up sites like Loveawake – be aware that everyone on the site is different and unique as you are. Start off with an open friendly approachable profile and who knows… you might just find the love of your life.